Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Self Confidence can be a hinderance to living the Abundant Life

Chapter 12 of "The Normal Christian Life" by Watchman Nee is about the problem of self sufficiency.

Relying upon your "natural" ability is a problem for everyone to one degree or another.

I have always been very self confident in my abilities.
This means it's difficult for me to be "dependant" upon the Lord in the way He wants me to be.

Now, put me in the Emergency room having a heart attack, 
and I can be "very dependent" upon the Lord.
I had NO "self sufficiency" to rely upon.
I found it easy to put myself completely into the Lord's hands.
Looking to Him - Trusting in Him for my life ( whether it was to continue or end that night.. totally up to Him ).
And I had peace through the whole process ( being fully awake the whole night ).

But in everyday life....
I think I can "do things", 
and therefore forget or find it hard to "depend" upon the Holy Spirit.
To look to Jesus. 
To pray to the Father.
I just "do" what comes to my mind, and use my "ability" to "do".

So.... being a "self starter" and having "confidence" in one's own ability 
can prevent the Lord from doing His Work.
We must learn to rely on the "Vine" and be the "Branch", 
because without Him, we can do nothing. ( John 15:5 )

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